Your website is your first impression on your customers. It is important that from the first impression you give them what they are looking for, and perhaps even give them a reason to keep coming back for more.

From thorough contact information to popping call to action, here are the essentials that every naughty website should have for it to effectively help you do business.

1. A clear description of who you are and what you do

A client that finds your website shouldn’t have to do investigative work to figure out what, exactly, it is that you do and who you are. That means clearly stating your business and summing up your products or services right on the homepage.

You need to tell your visitor — this is the right website that they have been searching for. A clear description will attract the visitor’s attention immediately, and encourage them to stay on your website longer. A clear description of who you are and what you do is essential to gaining the client’s trust and make them use your service / buy your product.

2. Easy-to-find contact information

Not every client has the patience to click through every page on your website to find the contact information. You wouldn’t want to lose a customer to a competitor just because you made it difficult for them to contact you.

Statistically, the best place for the contact information is the top left or top right corner of the home page. It is also a good practice to include contact information on every page of the website in the footer or sidebar or even in the top right corner, which helps the visitors to find it at all times.

You should also be sure to include several ways for them to contact you — phone, e-mail, and a standard contact form, are all good options. Also, you could be including your address and even a link to your location in Google maps.

Don’t make the mistakes to force your clients into a single contact option. says Wright. Best practice is to make it very easy for your clients to communicate with you on their terms.

3. An obvious call to action

Tell your clients literally what you want them to do with clear tones of commend. For example, you may want them to call you now for a special offer, or check out the latest addition to your team of beauties, or add products to the online shopping cart — these should be communicated by using special buttons or highlighting the text, for example.

4. A design and style that’s friendly to online readers

Your clients have the attention spans of drunken duck. They will often scan through their Landing page to see if you offer what they are looking for at all and then move on to the next. If they feel like they are on the right page, they will slow down to read the full offer. To enhance user’s experience on your website, you need to organize the content for scanning.

We recommend three style points for online writing to keep in mind:

  1. Break things down into short paragraphs, with clear headers
  2. Use bullet points
  3. Highlight important words or phrases.

In the end, simplicity and basic colors are the best bet. Again, the content is the focus, not your personal preferences for excessive color and imagery.

5. Know the basics of SEO

Your website won’t do you as much good if no one can see it. Become familiar with the SEO basics to make it findable by your potential clients and learn about targeting the correct audience for your business.

Making sure your website is coded correctly, can already set you up for success. Having your image alt attributes and headings is a good start that you can do on your own.

That means using the correct keywords throughout your text, Having a good link building strategy, naming your page titles and URLs correctly. Avoid “black hat” SEO tactics because, in the long run, they are not worth the effort.

There are many little actions you can take right away that will make a big difference for your business in the long run. If your site has these 5 traces already in place, with little extra effort you can reach a lot of your potential clients.

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