As the lockdown in all nations continues and businesses are remaining closed it is important to not let things slip out of sight.

The lockdown can be used to your advantage. This is the perfect time to rethink your business, evaluate, and come out stronger. While your competition is crying in self-pity you could be pumping your online presence and become a better player. No time to waste!

Here are some tips for you to not only save your business but also grow your audience during the lockdown:

1. Got a website?

Update, clean your content, optimize pages and images. The amount of website traffic across the entire industry has significantly dropped so this is the right moment to buff up your website. You could also think of new pages on your website or physical services you could offer once everything is back to “normal”. You could survey some of your friends or trusted clients about the improvements you had in mind. The latest keeps the conversation going about your business and you might surprise your self with some fresh ideas.

2. Got a Blog?

If you don’t make one! With modern CMS websites it is as easy as making a new page. Right now it is important that you are present, in action. Post periodically but religiously strict in time frames. Post about anything you want but put your name out there. Best is if you can produce two blog posts a week with a minimum of 300 words each. These can be about products or services or a cat sitting in the window of your business. It really does not matter as long as you get your businesses name right. 

3. Share on social channels!

If you don’t have your socials in order, this is the right moment to do it. You can figure out what social channels are the best for your niche. Share your blog posts share images and thoughts. A secret weapon here is YouTube! Google loves its children’s creations. Everything you post on youtube will give you some good link juice and get you a push in rankings. Video content, in general, is appreciated by visitors and search engines equally. Maybe Facebook is old and boring (and also discriminates against sexy content) but you might find a new ally in Buttrcup.

4. Get active on forums. Generosity is the key!

Share your knowledge on forums like Quora or Reddit, the benefits will be over the roof. Not only you attract new visitors to your site but you also develop new appreciative relationships. People are genuinely interested in the knowledge you can share with them.

5. Good old fashioned link building!

Still, the most important element for getting better rankings on SERPs . These contribute to having a successful business of any sort. Every business in our days heavily depends on online traffic therefore your SEO has to be strong and links are a vital part of it. As you could see the tips above already contribute to link building. But if you want to fully benefit from your SERP positions, you will have to place strategic links with anchor texts on the right websites sending the right message.

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